Winter sunset

Winter sunset farm

Country scene of farm at sunset

Farm Scene in black and white

Country farm scene in black and white

Country farm scene in black and white

Country drive

Counrtry road

A nice scene of a country road

Beckley Airport, Springfield

Beckley Airport - waiting

Waiting for bi-plane rides at Beckley Airport, Springfield Ohio

A quiet tavern moment

Man in tavern

Tavern moment


three boys

Friends- Black & white photo of 3 buddies

Old-Time pharmacy

Soda Fountain Hamilton OH

Soda Fountain in old-time pharmacy, Franklin OH

Tattoos & baby


Step back in time

Old pharmacy interior, soda fountain

Hughes Prescription and Drugs, Hamilton Ohio

Gary, Artist & welder

Gary: environmental portrait

Editorial portrait of Gary, welding artist of Hamilton Ohio


Farmersville, Brubakers

Farmersville, Brubakers

Neon Marquee at Fairborn Theater

Fairborn Movie theater

Front of Fairborn Movie Theater

Xenia Ohio Historic depot at night

Xenia Depot

Depot at night: Xenia OH. Popular stop on bikepath

Cornfield Photo

Cornfield photo

Cornfield and sky. A testament to the hardworking farmers here in Ohio.

From the ‘Fair’ collection, in black and white

County Fair, Dayton Ohio

Can almost hear, “What are you looking at?” From the Montgomery County Fair in Ohio