Rainy day- umbrella brigaide

Black and white photo of umbrella brigaide on a rainy day downtown

Sunset with power lines

Power lines

Sunset and transmission power lines

Dayton downtown library evening

Dayton Library

Dayton Montgomery county library recently completed its new addition and remodel.

Beckley Airport, Springfield

Beckley Airport - waiting

Waiting for bi-plane rides at Beckley Airport, Springfield Ohio

Sandwich shop Yellow Springs Ohio (Current Cuisine)

Quiet moment for lunch, bw

Current Cuisine, Yellow Springs Ohio, Greene County

A quiet tavern moment

Man in tavern

Tavern moment

Tattoos & baby


Step back in time

Old pharmacy interior, soda fountain

Hughes Prescription and Drugs, Hamilton Ohio

Purple drive-thru

Drive Thru

Drive Thru

Editorial photo for article on new construction


New starts construction editorial photo