Reflecting pool Riverscape Downtown Dayton

Riverscape art

Artistic interpretation of reflecting pool at Riverscape – Downtown Dayton OH

Carillon sunset

Carillon Bell Tower at sunset, Dayton Ohio

Carillon Bell Tower at sunset, Dayton Ohio

Courthouse in black and white

Old Courthouse Dayton Ohio, black and white

Old Courthouse Dayton Ohio, black and white

A recent job: architectural photo

Architectural photography interior

Architectural photography interior.  Project by Products 2 Pages (Robin Feld Photography is the creative division of Products 2 Pages)


I only have an eye for you

Vintage doll

Is she winking at me? Art photo of vintage doll.

Step back in time

Old pharmacy interior, soda fountain

Hughes Prescription and Drugs, Hamilton Ohio

Water Street Project Development Dayton Ohio

Water Street Building Dayton OHio

Water Street District building in Downtown Dayton Ohio in spring

My car is in the shop!

Batmobile in the shop

Recent project of cover photo for Dayton Business Journal

Cover photo for DBJ Book of Lists

Cover photo for Dayton Business Journal 2015 Book of Lists. Hit the stands this week.

A fun project to work on as I was introduced to some wonderful individuals in the making of this shot. First of course were the wonderful people at Dayton Business Journal, and a number of entrepreneurs owning local breweries and distilleries. Quite a variety of flavors and settings right here in Dayton Ohio! Cheers!



Up Series: Deco, former Liberty Bank Building

A classic deco style building in Dayton Ohio

Deco style building black and white photo

Deco style building, formerly Liberty Bank Building, Dayton Ohio

Fifth Third Field with a blanket of snow

Fifth Third field in snow

Fifth Third Field in snow, Downtown Dayton Ohio

UD chapel in snowstorm, the winter of 2014

UD chapel in snow storm (University of Dayton)

University of Dayton (UD) chapel in snowstorm

Also can be seen larger on the page: PLACES here on this website: http://robinfeld.com/

First mugs are in! More coming! Skyline or cityscape photo of Dayton Ohio

Dayton Ohio gift mugs for sale

Dayton Ohio mugs for sale, these are the first ones. More information below in another post and a link in the sidebar.  Check it out!


Dayton Photos make great Christmas gifts!


Beautiful winter shot of Downtown from Woodlawn cemetery

Give me a call if you are looking for some nice shots of Dayton as gifts! Or, use contact page.

Selling Christmas trees in the snow storm at night


It doesn’t get more holiday than this: selling Christmas trees in the snowstorm


Shopping for Christmas tree in the snow storm