Snowman bondage

All tied up right now Frosty said when I called. So, I stopped by, he was right

All tied up right now Frosty said when I called. So, I stopped by, he was right

I only have an eye for you

Vintage doll

Is she winking at me? Art photo of vintage doll.

Antique dolls

Antique Dolls

Antique Dolls

Celebrity spotting Downtown

Celebrity spotting of Sponge Bot

Celebrity spotting of Sponge Bob downtown

Springtime brings prom season

Prom night photography

Prom night photography

My car is in the shop!

Batmobile in the shop

Shoot out with photographer friend

Photography shoot out Urban setting

Shoot out with fellow photographer: Urban setting

A little love and a little baseball: Dragon’s game Dayton Ohio

Baseball game Dragon's Dayton Ohio

A little love and a little baseball.

Capturing a mood

Black and white photo of Brad

Fun black and white portrait shot with Fuji’s new 10-24 mm lens.

Dining with a photographer gives you this view:

photographer at Waffle House

photographer with camera

A little creative fun

Playing with my food again! Don’t tell my Mother. Sometimes art and photography make a good combination. Shot the pineapple in window light which is sometimes the best light in the world acheter du cialis.  Then, realizing the poor thing was past it’s prime, thought I would have some fun.

Neon Pineapple

Art print of pineapple.

At the bookstore

Using smart phone in the bookstore

Text at the bookstore

A minion kind of Christmas

MInion Santa toy

A very Minion Christmas

A happy moment

From a recent job for a senior retirement facility. These two women were having so much fun, they forgot I was there.

Senior women having fun

Two senior friends having fun. Shot taken on a recent job at a retirement villiage.

Summer was not so long ago…

Today’s light layer of snow had me missing summer.


Nature photo of a bee on a sunflower