Leisure activity

Capturing the moment: Hot air balloons on iphone

Hi-tech balloon glow

Hi-tech balloon glow

Busy Weekend: Balloon Fest in Middletown OH

Balloon glow from Balloon Fest in Middletown, OH

Balloon glow from Balloon Fest in Middletown, OH

Boxing at Fourth & St. Clair

Boxing in Downtown Dayton

Boxing in Downtown Dayton July 2012. 'Fight Night' outside of Drakes Gym

Ballgame: Bob Ross classic, 7-14-12

Ball game at night

Night ball game at Fifth Third Field, Dayton Ohio

Shot of Fifth Third Field at night with local high school athletes playing. Poor lighting let to a mood shot instead.

Boxing class

Drakes Gym: Boxing class

Drakes Gym: Boxing class


Continuing to add some the the “drive about” photos. I try to see something interesting every time I drive through town (Dayton, Oh). I also try to avoid rush hour so that I might be able to grab these images. This brings me to the point for all of you taking photos, sometimes it just takes having mindset to look and SEE. There may be days where you see something interesting, but the light is not right, or you don’t have your camera with you. Go back. Try again. Take your time, file it away for future reference – and then be ready!

Evening bike ride in Dayton Ohio

Evening bike ride

Second St. Market on Saturday

Went to see a local band play and enjoy some coffee at my Saturday ‘office’. Fun place to be on a Saturday morning.