A recent job: architectural photo

Architectural photography interior

Architectural photography interior.  Project by Products 2 Pages (Robin Feld Photography is the creative division of Products 2 Pages)


Brochure photo

Brochure photography

Brochure photography on site for a recent marketing project.  (Commercial photography)

PNC at sunset, Downtown Dayton

PNC Bank at sunset

PNC Bank, Downtown Dayton OHIO at sunset

Xenia Ohio Historic depot at night

Xenia Depot

Depot at night: Xenia OH. Popular stop on bikepath

Shoot out with photographer friend

Photography shoot out Urban setting

Shoot out with fellow photographer: Urban setting

LOBBY: Kettering Tower

Kettering Tower Lobby, Dayton Ohio

Photo of Kettering Tower interior: Lobby


For you New York City Fans…

Being in the arts,  you get to know a lot of interesting, creative people. One of thoseI am lucky to know is James Steeber of New York City. Not only a talented photographer, but also a accomplished pianist. A former resident of Dayton Ohio, now living in New York City, he creates beautiful images no matter where he is.  James has been creating a wonderful body of work depicting places and life in the Big Apple. I really enjoy his New York photos and am glad to say that he is now selling some as prints and even mugs. This is a new one, and one of my new favorites. The image below is a work showing the Chrysler building and is used in a print as well as an available mug.

Take a look at some of his work (including this mug):

Many of his works are on Deviant art, under the name (of course) Steeber:

NYC Chrysler Building Art by Steeber

NYC Chrysler Building art for mug, print and canvas art



Another snowy night: Bravo’s exterior

Bravo's Cucina Italiana, Centerville OH

Bravo’s Cucina Italiana, Centerville OH on snowy night

Use unique photos for your unique story or article

Often, when you write an article or post about your company’s project or facility it is a good idea to use an image to reinforce that message. That is why it is good to know a local photographer who can supply you with images that relate directly to your project or location. Stock images are helpful, but show someone else’s facility, staff or project. I know a photographer you can call for either detailed commercial photos or a creative version to set the tone: Me.

Commercial boilers

Commercial boilers

Robin Feld Photography for hire

Did you know that Robin Feld is available for hire? Not only does she have a great collection of photos that are available for sale and commercial usage, but she is available to hire for your custom photos. Images are created for both print and web by an experienced commercial photographer.

With experience in architectural, product photography, project photography (such as construction or installations) and site photos such workers on the job, she brings an eye and expertise to the project that will professionally highlight your company. Give her a call. For other samples, check out her other company Products 2 Pages.


Call Robin @ 937-256-9959 at Robin Feld Photography or Products 2 Pages for commercial product photography. Used in catalogs, websites and brochures

Beautiful fall day for a walk


River’s walk in autumn

Summer was not so long ago…

Today’s light layer of snow had me missing summer.


Nature photo of a bee on a sunflower

From the drive in the country: Barn with blue sky


Barn abstract, part of the Up Series, this time in the country.

Urban Shadows

Shadows of tree on wall

Shadows of tree on wall

Tree shadows on sidewalk

Lomo shadows of tree shadows

Sometimes, the glamour is in the details

Sweater photo for blog

Sweater photo for blog

It’s good to get to know your customers. For example, I shoot a lot of product photos which are used to sell the item. This can include creating a mood with props or lighting because many products are sold on an emotional level. Sometimes, you have to do the opposite. For example, recently, when working with a writer of a knitting blog, I learned that the important thing was to show the detail in a way which demonstrates how it is made. Why? Because they were writing about how a sweater was knitted and would be selling patterns to other knitters.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt to shoot a few ‘glamour’ shots, but to some, the glamour is in the details.

To see what I’m talking about: