Reflecting pool Riverscape Downtown Dayton

Riverscape art

Artistic interpretation of reflecting pool at Riverscape – Downtown Dayton OH

Winter sunset

Winter sunset farm

Country scene of farm at sunset

Farm Scene in black and white

Country farm scene in black and white

Country farm scene in black and white

Country drive

Counrtry road

A nice scene of a country road

A summer walk-

Tree lined walk path with sunlight

Tree lined walk path by the Landing, Dayton Ohio

Sunset over bridge

Sunset over bridge

Beautiful sky at sunset over bridge and river

Can’t decide, color or black and white

Black and white art print Santa Fe BuildingArt Print Southwestern theme

Sometimes a scene speaks to you and you know instantly whether it will be black and white or color. And sometimes it works both ways, as in this photo. Which do you think works best? (Tap photos for arrows: 2 photos)

Carillon pre-storm

Carillon Tree of Lights, Dayton

Carillon Tree of Lights, Dayton

Cornfield Photo

Cornfield photo

Cornfield and sky. A testament to the hardworking farmers here in Ohio.

Beautiful fall day for a walk


River’s walk in autumn

VA Cemetery, Dayton Ohio

VA Cemetery, Dayton Ohio

VA Cemetery, Dayton Ohio

Beautiful light illuminating thistle

thistle in the sunlight

Thistle in the sunlight



Field of sunflowers, a scenic shot from a Sunday drive

A drive in the country is good for the soul.


Black and white of tree in field. Scenic photo

Dayton Ohio Skyline at night


Dayton Ohio Skyline at night, with river