Words you won’t see on this website

Overseas call-center
Six Sigma
Gets results

But you will see,
I hope you enjoy these photos
It takes more than skill and technical ability, it also takes some luck.
I love photography!

2 Birds

Two Birds: Silhouette

Two Birds: Silhouette


Student mentoring program

Student mentoring program


Simple act of someone making time to help another. This was a summer student mentoring program, and I was impressed by both young men and their determination to get as much out of their time as possible. It’s a simple reminder about volunteerism.

Boxing class

Drakes Gym: Boxing class

Drakes Gym: Boxing class


Continuing to add some the the “drive about” photos. I try to see something interesting every time I drive through town (Dayton, Oh). I also try to avoid rush hour so that I might be able to grab these images. This brings me to the point for all of you taking photos, sometimes it just takes having mindset to look and SEE. There may be days where you see something interesting, but the light is not right, or you don’t have your camera with you. Go back. Try again. Take your time, file it away for future reference – and then be ready!

Too much retouching?

The rhyming photographer:

Sometimes I retouch

The photo too much

Wait till you see

That picture of me

I’m not quite that thin

With no lines on my skin

And you’d think I would grin

On only one chin

I’m really not that tall

Now I’m afraid you’ll never know

That it’s me after all.

I’m really very shallow

People who know me have heard me say many times – I’m really very shallow. Well, At least I’m not hollow. I think what I’m really trying to say is that as I get older and am more comfortable being me, I prefer to look outward – with my heart, eye and camera. I thoroughly enjoy capturing the simple moments in the ordinary world we live in day in and day out. I am not trying to make great statements about mankind, civilization, human nature or any of the seven sins. That can be judged from the images. A moment makes a statement. An expression makes a statement. Or sometimes the view makes a statement. I am glad I had the opportunity to capture it.

So, I am shallow – it’s not about me – that’s not important, it’s about acknowledging and tendering a memory of the moments or sights we (I) see… and sharing. Hopefully, the depth and meaning are visible because it is there for all of us to see.
Since I think in images, I speak with images. Besides, my camera is deep.

Car wash

Car Wash at night

Car wash on foggy night

Well, in this case an ATV, but I liked the look of this on a foggy night, so I made the turn and took this shot. It’s a reminder to always have a camera… though I’m not quite  sure I’m ready to call my phone a camera. Any inanimate object that calls itself smart, scares me a little bit (been watching too much sci-fi you ask?)