Dayton Art Institute building with snow

Dayton Art Institute with snow

Dayton Art Institute in winter

Trying to find out what it would look like to get a shot of the whole front of the Dayton Art Institute Building for my Dayton Image Project. So I included it on my drive-by list on this grey and dreary day.  At least a little snow covering offered a different framing than the dark bushes and trees which surround the building in the summer. It helped to show off the lines of the stone balustrade and railing as decorative framing and the stone color did not have to compete.

I learned that this location might work, but oh my, the traffic, and on this day, the splashes. Little room for a tripod to bracket in position, so I shot a few frames between cars, tried different angles then ran back to the car. Sometimes, you do have to rely on post techniques. I will try again on another day, but I kind of liked the subtle stoicism of this building without greenery and a blue sky.