Up Series: Premier Health Bldg.

Drive-by shooting: Photographing a building on a busy street

Buildings are often tricky things to photograph. Particularly when they are on a downtown street, wedged in between other buildings – across from other buildings – on a street with trolley wires. That is why, when driving by and the light is good, you take a chance, even if that’s not what you thought you would be doing that day. You never know if you’ll be by again when the conditions are right. Yet another reason to carry a camera as often as you can.

Issues to deal with: parking, finding a place to pull over, having your camera ready (lens choice, ballpark exposure, lens cap off) Other issues: traffic patterns, vehicles blocking your shot, having to circle the block(s) a few times. But, if you have trained your eye and what drew your attention has strong potential, then it is worth it. So, even though we all need some luck once in awhile if you have prepared for these types of moments, you can make it happen. That is why it is a good idea to always notice interesting angles, light or poses even to file away for another day.