Commercial photography including: Studio product photos, industrial, location or studio photography for marketing , brochures and websites (see: www.products2pages.com for more samples) or, a few galleries presented here: COMMERCIAL
Architectural photos: for architectural firms, professional services, real-estate and development companies, marketing companies
Local Photos: Many images of Dayton available for marketing or display purposes.
Editorial Projects: On-going projects for documentation and publishing purposes. Available as art prints
Art Photos: For sale by contacting Robin, online soon

Samples (please visit portfolio of GALLERIES for more) A small sampling shown below.

Robin has been providing photography for all types of communications for over 25 years. Using a balance of technique and art are a hallmark  of her work. It may seem odd to see such a wide discipline of images from one person, until you consider that she truly loves using photos to express her artistic vision while respecting the needs of her clients to accomplish their commercial goals. It is a vocation and avocation.

Years of experience providing marketing services including graphic design and project management give Robin a unique holistic perspective on final application. So, whether telling a story or capturing the unique angles of a building, her goal is to always bring an image to life through inspiration and technique.

This website started as a sharing of her creative projects and has evolved into a presentation of many of her other works. For strictly commercial work including product photography, see her company: Products2pages

To search for specific images, some are also available on: www.Robinfeld.photoshelter.com

Robin: One of my favorite quotes states that “Life should be fun. So should photography.”