Brochure photo

Brochure photography

Brochure photography on site for a recent marketing project.  (Commercial photography)

Hawthorne Hill, home of Wright Brothers, Dayton Ohio

Hawthorne Hill interior

Interior view of Hawthorne Hill home of the Wright Brothers in Dayton Ohio

A summer walk-

Tree lined walk path with sunlight

Tree lined walk path by the Landing, Dayton Ohio

Summer flower starting to bloom (sunflower)



Beckley Airport, Springfield

Beckley Airport - waiting

Waiting for bi-plane rides at Beckley Airport, Springfield Ohio

Sandwich shop Yellow Springs Ohio (Current Cuisine)

Quiet moment for lunch, bw

Current Cuisine, Yellow Springs Ohio, Greene County

Mills Park Hotel, Yellow Springs Ohio

Mills Park Hotel Yellow Springs Ohio

Mills Park Hotel, Yellow Springs Ohio

A country drive, and then a photo

Country scene in black and white

Country or rural scene in balck & white of treen with dramatic clouds

Sunset over bridge

Sunset over bridge

Beautiful sky at sunset over bridge and river

Recent portrait: Janae



Steps to Steamboat house

Steamboat House, Dayton

Winter view of Steamboat house in historic neighborhood of St. Anne’s Hill, Dayton Ohio


three boys

Friends- Black & white photo of 3 buddies

Old-Time pharmacy

Soda Fountain Hamilton OH

Soda Fountain in old-time pharmacy, Franklin OH

Dayton Country Club in sprintime

Dayton Country Club

Dayton Country Club entrance in springtime

PNC at sunset, Downtown Dayton

PNC Bank at sunset

PNC Bank, Downtown Dayton OHIO at sunset